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Erica A. Hudson MA., AMFT #118595

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

My name is Erica (she/hers). I'm a mother, daughter, wife, and friend. I'm a woman of color and of mixed ancestry and I provide psychodynamic psychotherapy services to individuals and intimate partners in person in the East Bay Area and virtually all over California.

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Therapeutic Approach

Using a psychodynamic and a relational approach, I hold space with a culturally-affirming and non-judgmental stance. This approach to our work centers the relationship between the client and myself as the conduit for change.

During times of transition, grief, and growth, we need to feel seen and to be heard. When these moments of reflection don't happen, we may feel optionless, hopeless, alone, or rejected. I provide a space where the fog can clear and the understanding you're seeking can wash over you.


Women of Color 


Pregnancy and Parenting

Growth and Transitions

Family Legacy

My Foundation

In my early 20's I was a great Chef, but before I turned 30 I knew I wanted to help others live life fully and started on my path to becoming a psychotherapist. In 2012, I tackled San Jose State University, School of Social Work. In 2017, I earned my masters degree from The Wright Institute, in Counseling Psychology.

In 2021. I left the Psychotherapy Institute's community clinic, where I learned to be a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, to start Rooted in the Soul Psychotherapy. 

I'm trained with years of theoretical wisdom and will use practical skill in session to create a therapeutic connection and a movement that gets you closer to the roots of your pain and worry. I believe in the change that can occur for you. Contact me and I will guide you on the journey back to your Self.

How I work with clients

We all hold a sense of longing for change, to return and connect. I will provide insight and guide you. Together, through exploration, reflection, and noticing, you will feel into your life's purpose and meaning. Together, we will explore the here and now and find you solutions so you can feel accomplished in your life and present with those you love. When I envision our sessions, I envision you feeling what it is like to be seen for who you are, your truest Self.

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